About Us

Juliana Asthma Cause was set up in July 2015 for the benefit of the public to protect and promote the health of the public in particular by research into the nature, causes, Diagnosis, prevention, treatment and cure of asthma, including the Development of Research into Practical Applications For The Prevention, Treatment And cure of Asthma And to Provide Information and Raise Public Understanding of Such Matters.

In past campagins, we have worked with Natwest bank in Hayes concerning the risks of Asthma disease in the community of Hayes and Harlington. In addition we have run a 3 miles campaign for Asthma awareness in collaboration with Barclays Bank in the Vicinity of Hillingdon. These campaigns have helped us enabled patients to travel for holidays, weddings, etc.

With more and more patients suffering from breathing problems, we will endeavour to widen our scope of support and improve our services. We intend to work in preventative as well as responsive way. Sufferers need to be advised of asthma triggers and made aware of how to kerb it. We believe that with more awareness of Asthma there is a better chance of overcoming the condition.

Juliana Asthma Cause Charity continues to strive to make provisions for nebulisers to various hospitals and surgeries. We have engaged with an endless list of medical establishments which are in need of our support. In the coming months and years, we will continue to raise the profile of the charity and welcome ideas, information in regards to the advancement of treatment for Asthma and other breathing difficulties.

Our Team


Guy Williams, Founder and Trustee at JAC

“My mother has bad asthma and I have seen how asthma affects the lives of people of all ages and backgrounds, and how severe asthma continues to kill patients every year. I believe that our charity can improve the lives of sufferers of asthma now, and via research we can find better ways of treating patients in the future.”



Adebunmi Florence, Trustee at JAC

“It is my dream to see the world free from Asthma, I know this may not be possible but I want to contribute to some extent.”